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Kerb Stones

Living on the edge, Alcon Kerbstones provides the shape and special sizes in a range of colors and finishes

Kerbs separate the road from the roadside by marking the edge of the pavement, discouraging drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They also help to reinforce the pavement edge structurally. The kerbs are located between the pavement edge and the shoulders of the road. They give the pavement lateral confinement and stability. Kerbstone is used for creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrian areas.

Alcon manufactures specially customized curbs including Trief, Bus, Rollover, Gutter, Drain, Barrier, Quadrant, Corner, Upstand, Flush, Bullnose amongst others.

Textures Sizes
Shot Blast Customized precast
Polished Kerb of Any Size
Acid etched
Kerb Stone
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