Industrial Precast Elements

Most Industries requires various kind of precast concrete elements.

Industries particularly in the fields of power generation, power distribution, cable laying, water distribution, sewage disposal, and infrastructure contractors have requirements for various precast items on a day to day basis.

Alcon has the answer for each of these requirements we have the flexibility to provide all customized sizes with logos and lettering. Long term contracts are welcome.

Listed below are our industrial precast range.

  • Circular and square manholes
  • Cable route marker
  • Duct marker
  • Earth pits
  • Boundary walls
  • Cable tiles
  • Light pole foundation
  • Fence pole
  • Cable trough
  • Road jersey barrier

Cable Route Marker

Duct Marker

Fence Poles

Cable Tiles

Light Pole Foundation

Earth Pits

Cable Trough

Road or Jersey Barrier

Alcon Products

Precast Products

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